IEEE Student Branch events for year 2013

15 Aug 2016 - UdeshUK

The year 2013 has proven to be a much eventful one already, for the enthusiastic members of the IEEE student branch of UCSC, with more to anticipate prior to the end of this year. As a very prominent community in our faculty, the IEEE student branch considers it their responsibility to work tirelessly towards contributing to make UCSC undergraduates emerge experts in the vast field of computing, and to assist them in making their innovative conceptions become a reality.

IEEEXtreme 7.0 – organizing and preparations, IEEEXtreme is a major event held annually, which sees the participation of many young coders from around the globe each year, marks a very significant occasion in the IEEE student branch calendar, since a considerable portion of the organizing and preparation of students of UCSC for the competition, falls solely upon their shoulders. Hence, preparations towards making this year’s Xtreme competition a success have commenced immediately following the completion of IEEEXtreme 6.0, which too was organized commendably well. A practical session is being continued weekly to ensure the fact that intended participants are well prepared for the extremely competitive environment they are bound to encounter at the competition. It’s our hope that the consequences of such measures would prove to be immensely favorable, and that the results of IEEEXtreme 7.0 would see a massive improvement, compared to previous years.

Competition on algorithms, A competition on algorithms is scheduled to be held on the 8th of May, 2013, for undergraduates of all years. Thorough knowledge of algorithms accounts a great deal for achieving a satisfactory score in IEEEXtreme, and numerous other coding competitions. Lack of familiarity with algorithms proved to be a huge set back in achieving better results at the Xtreme competition last year as well since a major portion of such algorithms is included only in the latter part of the syllabus. Hence, the IEEE student branch has initiated this competition with the intention of encouraging students of all years to learn such algorithms on their own, and test how well equipped they are with such knowledge, to apply those in practical scenarios. It’s their belief that providing with a platform for fresher men and sophomores to compete with their seniors, would grant them the opportunity to enhance their skills a great deal. Android software development session, Android development being an area which has rapidly conquered the industry, IEEE student branch members intend to initiate a session on the subject, mainly targeting the 1st years of UCSC, starting from their 2nd semester. Triggering a passion for learning such development methods would hopefully contribute a lot to produce better software developers to the industry, and providing them with such knowledge in the 1st year itself is indeed praiseworthy.

Website development session, The demand for web developers has never been reduced up to this date, and it’s to cater this need itself that the IEEE student branch of UCSC has decided to improve the web development skills of its undergraduates. This too is mainly intended for the fresher men and is to be commenced from the 2nd semester.

Tech talk series, Finding solutions for problems in the field of computing, has never been more effective, than through discussion. Hence our student branch has taken measures to initiate a tech talk series, as requested by 2nd years, and provide with the perfect platform for amateurs to interact with experts, and seek assistance in improving their skills. Furthermore, this would allow the more knowledgeable ones to share their knowledge, and enhance their own skills as well, through discussion.

Joined workshop (CSR) with CompSoc, As organized each year, in collaboration with the computer society of UCSC (CompSoc), a workshop would be held for the benefit of less privileged children from rural areas, to help them reach greater heights in the world of IT. This is to take place during the latter part of the holidays of this semester, and members of the student society intend to work towards making this year’s event as successful as the previous years and to make it very beneficial for the intended audience.

Robotics development, Since robotics, is very closely related with the software industry, and since there exist many young students in UCSC who are robotic enthusiasts, IEEE student branch has decided to give them a helping hand in improving their skills and putting it to practical use. In fact, the responsibility of leading this project was taken up by the 2nd year, who possesses immense experience in the field of robotics and innovation. The fact that a mere 2nd year has the capability of being in charge of this proves what potential lies within the students of UCSC, and the student branch sincerely believes in the necessity of providing them with the opportunity to express their talent to the world. This too is to commence from the 2nd semester, and it’s our hope that such sessions would encourage students to take part in robotics competitions held regionally and internationally.