04 Feb 2017 - UdeshUK

Celebrating the first time in history, when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884, marked the commencement of a new journey of IEEE.

IEEE Day theme is “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”. While the world benefits from what’s new, IEEE focuses on what’s next. Worldwide celebrations demonstrate the way thousands of IEEE members in the local community join together to collaborate on ideas that leverage technology for a better tomorrow. While there were a lot of celebrations happening around the globe celebrating the IEEE Day 2016 the 7th edition, UCSC IEEE student branch also celebrated the IEEE Day inspired with the theme of “Innovation and Emerging Tech” on 4th of October at the University of Colombo School of Computing premises. The main objective of this event was to inspire and encourage the youth to obtain IEEE membership in future.

The event was organized at a greater scale. It was a success from the beginning. As we expected there was about 200 audience including undergraduates from UCSC and other universities.

After the presentation of the introductory videos and speeches, the inauguration of IEEE was celebrated by cutting the traditional cake.

Much vital and attractive lecture sessions were conducted based on Machine Learning by Keshan Sodimana, Recent Trends in Cyber Security by Ayoma Wijethunga and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality by Senior Director and Architecture, Mr. Anjana Somathilake.

The most entertaining part of the event is the interactive session conducted for participants. They were seemed more enthusiastic in this session. The session was included games and Quiz competition which was made by UCSC IEEE members using an app.

  • Hat passing
  • Treasure hunt based on app most likely to the Pokémon game.
  • Ice-breaking – break the cup hill game including online games.

Fancy gifts were awarded to the winners of the above-mentioned games.

The most enthusiastic part of the session was quiz competition. It was all about how fast you can think of the answer and the IQ knowledge you got. Two participants were able to win the competition.

The world demands the quality of youth; not a time of life, but a state of mind to achieve the greatest, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over the timidity, appetite for adventure over the love of ease. As the IEEE student branch of the nation’s premier IT institute, it is their duty to admonish the young generation about the latest technology. Hence the event was able to mark a great success and end successfully with the support of the dedicated members of IEEE Student Branch of UCSC and the gold sponsor, Cake Labs.