GameRush 2019

30 Nov 2019 - UdeshUK

Game Rush was a 24 hour game development hackathon organized by the IEEE Student Branch of UCSC. This is a hackathon, aimed at building some unique and interesting games. By the competition day, each team, have to build a fully functional web or mobile game. This is the first time we organized this unique Gameathon.This hackathon was open to university undergraduates all around the country who are, or aspire to game developers.

The vision behind organizing this first time event, was based on the intention to provide a Hackathon experience, centered around exploration and experimentation for the participants who brainstormed to develop an idea into a game while also providing a platform to show their skills to industry representatives and receive mentoring from them

As the initial preparation, we planned to hold a series of workshops about Game Development prior to the hackathon with the contribution of experts in the Industry.


The key objective was to enhance the game development skills of the students and providing them with the opportunity to present their innovative ideas.

  • Build edutainment based games.
  • Provides an opportunity to present their games to seek partnerships/investments in publishing the game.
  • Encourages students from different backgrounds like gamers, programmers, designers to participate in a single course as the process of developing a game involves design and artistic expression.
  • Create a networking platform for students with interests in Game Development and related areas.
  • Provide the students with an opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge on bleeding edge technologies and industry trends in Game development arena.

Event details

Workshop 1

First workshop of Game Rush was held on the 6th of july at Microsoft Sri Lanka.

There were around 50 participants and two most experienced and famous IT professionals from the industry who conducted the workshop. First speaker was Chanux Bro who is Srilanka’s top tech reviewer,and a software engineer & social media consultant by profession at Sinlix. He gave an excellent start by an interactive session on introduction to game development. He further discussed about the history of game development and latest trends in game development. The second speaker was Mr.Uditha Sampath Bandara(MVP) who is the CEO & founder of Blue chip training and consulting.Also he is the south Asia’s first Directx MVP(most valuable professional). He conducted the 2nd half of the workshop by giving a description about game development techniques.He also illustrated the uses of game development and discussed effective ways of developing games using Unity game engine.

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Second workshop of the workshop series of Game rush took place on the 31st of August at UCSC Premises.

There were more than 100 participants and the workshop was successfully conducted by Team Prodigi interactive, a well reputed organization in game development industry founded by Mr. Yasith Nayana.The workshop 2 was based on basics of Unity engine and also they routed the participants about Game Development Pipelines taking their own homegrown game “Threta” as a case study.

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Third workshop of Game Rush was successfully held on the 2nd of November 2019 at UCSC premises.

The guest speaker was Mr. Bhasura Gunawardhana; an experienced professional in the industry. there was also an informative session conducted by an eminent team of Software Engineers from SimCentric Technologies on Introduction to UE4 Gameplay Framework. The Workshop was further ignited by the presence of a Team from Ram Studio who developed Extraction Valley Devil’s Curse- First ever grand scale multiplayer game in Sri Lanka to share their knowledge on Game Development using Unreal Game Engine.

Workshop 3

Final Hackathon

At the end of the workshop series, the registrations for the final hackathon were opened.Over 25 mind-blowing proposals we selected the top 10 proposals for the final hackathon and it was held on 30th of November 2019 from 8.00am onwards at UCSC premises. Throughout the day the contestants were free to ask anything about game Development and any clarifications about their project from the mentors. A team from Arimac & SimCentric joined as mentors for the hackathon.

Final Hackathon

The Matrix Sprinter

By Team 404 of University of Moratuwa

It is an Action RPG Game. The player will see everything as a simulation generated by the items he wears. The player must complete every level of the game until he escapes the facility.

Augmented Reality Table Tennis

By Team BTB of University of Moratuwa

An augmented reality Table Tennis game that can be played using two smartphones connected wirelessly.

Hard Duos

By Team Ghost of University of Colombo School of Computing

Hard Duos is a third person, hero based, 1 vs 1 multiplayer, attacker-defender game. Two champions will battle in an arena where both gets to attack and defend. Player with two point advantage wins.”